The Story of Americhron

Do you know the story of the Americhron movement?

By this point you’ve probably heard about our Americhron movements but you probably don’t know the full story. 

The Beginning

The Americhron journey began in 2017 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where we met with Technotime, a Swiss movement company pioneering a replacement for the 2824 movement. At that time, ETA had signaled its intent to restrict movement distribution solely within the Swatch group (although they’ve since rescinded this decision). Our quest to explore manufacturing movements in the USA, led us to Technotime and subsequently to one of their key component manufacturers, Titan Company.

Titan, a colossal Indian conglomerate under Tata group, manufactures over 15 million watches annually and supplies movement components to several global  companies including Swiss movement manufacturers. Collaborating with Titan, we set out to design and construct an entirely new mechanical movement from scratch.

Walking before we run

Initially focused on quartz movements and Swiss client components, Titan provided manufacturing prowess and resources, while our own team contributed to the development and design of the new automatic mechanical movement. The fruit of this collaboration, the Americhron 7AC0 (fondly nicknamed the Taco), emerged after three years of relentless dedication and rigorous testing.

Following two more years of testing and refinement, these movements are now available to power the next generation of American mechanical timepieces. Currently, we import components designed to our specifications from Titan as well as other leading global suppliers, and carry out assembly, testing, and regulation at our state of the art facilities in Arizona.

We are justifiably proud of what we have been able to achieve in these past five years, and look forward to putting an Americhron movement in your watch and on your wrist

Looking to the future

This year heralds an exciting phase as we plan to introduce the first American-made components into our Americhron movement line. We take immense pride in being the sole US entity dedicated to producing market-ready movements for American brands.

Join us on our journey to change American watchmaking forever!     

Thanks for being a part of the FTS community.

The FTS Team

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