Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year and Navigating Supply Chain Challenges

As we approach February 10th, we wanted to extend our warmest wishes for a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to all who celebrate! This festive occasion brings families together, marks new beginnings, and offers a well-deserved break to our hardworking partners in China.

However, with this celebration comes a temporary halt in operations across China, affecting many companies worldwide, including us at FTS. During this period, which typically spans three to four weeks, communication and procurement of components from our Chinese partners become challenging.

While this may pose logistical hurdles, we recognize and respect the importance of this cultural celebration and the need for our partners to recharge. It also underscores the significance of forward planning to ensure we have all necessary components in stock to meet our demands during this period.

Supply chain interruptions caused by events like the Chinese New Year as well as the month-long Swiss summer break serve as poignant reminders of the vulnerabilities in our global supply chain. While these annual supply chain issues are a challenge, they do enhance our commitment to reshore American manufacturing as we aim to reduce reliance on external factors, and bolster our own capability to produce components and products domestically.

Manufacturing complete watches and the movements within is an intricate and multi-faceted goal. We know that our dedication and expertise in this area lays a solid foundation for broader manufacturing capabilities. As we often say, mastering movements opens doors to crafting virtually anything.

Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to redefine American manufacturing standards and pave the way for a more resilient and self-reliant future.


Thanks for being a part of the FTS community.


The FTS Team

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