What does “Made in USA” really mean?

Ever wondered about the true meaning behind the “Made in USA” mark?

While some countries (like Switzerland, Germany, and Japan) have looser standards and only require a certain percentage of the product to be produced domestically to qualify for the “Made in” mark (without an additional qualifying statement), the United States FTC sets the bar ludicrously high with a requirement for “All or virtually all” components and manufacturing to be carried out on home soil.

At FTS USA, our mission is to pave the way for brands to proudly claim their watches are authentically “Made in USA”. We are on our way to being able to make that claim, but there is still a long road ahead. 

Why should we care?

At FTS USA, we’re on a mission to “Reshore American Manufacturing” for multiple reasons:

Trade Balance: Boosting our domestic production shields our economy from global uncertainties.

Job Creation: It’s not just about watches; it’s about fostering a skilled American workforce that can manufacture anything.

Quality and Sustainability: American-made products embody high quality and environmental sustainability, thanks to stringent regulations and a commitment to cleaner manufacturing.

Now, we want to hear from you.

Do you believe in the importance of focusing on trade balance and relying less on other nations for our goods? 

Email us at info.ftsusa.us to share your thoughts to help us craft better products for American brands.

Join the conversation and explore more on our website. Here’s to an amazing year ahead!

The FTS Team

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