Charting the Course to “Made in USA” – The FTS Journey

As we navigate the difficult path of reshoring American manufacturing, we find it crucial to share not only our aspirations but also the realities of our journey. At FTS American Manufacturing, our ultimate goal is clear: to achieve the esteemed “Made in USA” standard for our products, a benchmark that symbolizes quality, sustainability, and economic independence.

Understanding “Made in USA”

The “Made in USA” mark is revered worldwide, representing a commitment to excellence and integrity. Unlike other countries, where a product must only meet a certain percentage of domestic production to qualify for a national mark of origin, the “Made in USA” standard demands that a product be “all or virtually all” made in the United States. This rigorous criterion aligns with our mission to not just assemble but truly manufacture movements and kit components that allow microbrands to proudly claim their watches are “Made in USA”.

Our Current State

We want to be transparent about our current standing. While our efforts have significantly advanced the cause of American watchmaking, we recognize that we have not yet fully achieved our goal. Our Ameriquartz movements, assembled and tested at our Fountain Hills, Arizona facility, blend components sourced both locally and internationally. Our Americhron mechanical movements, a product of our design, are meticulously assembled in Fountain Hills with components sourced from abroad. This blend reflects our progress and the distance yet to cover towards total vertical integration and an unqualified “Made in USA” standard.

Why It Matters

Our dedication to reshoring American manufacturing stems from a deep-seated belief in its importance for trade balance, job creation, and environmental sustainability. American-made products ensure high quality under stringent regulations and foster economic growth through skilled job creation. This ethos is embedded in every aspect of FTS American Manufacturing, from our mission to empower the United States as a leader in watch manufacturing to our commitment to supporting American brands and promoting a neurodiverse workplace.

The Unique Role of Our Technicians

The heart of FTS lies in our people. Our technicians, trained by a CMW21 certified master watchmaker, embody the finesse and problem-solving skills that set us apart. Their dedication bolsters American watchmaking and exemplifies our belief in the potential of American workers to manufacture world-class products.

Looking Forward

We are on a journey, one that is both challenging and rewarding. As we strive towards our “Made in USA” goal, we invite you to join us. Your support, whether through choosing our Ameriquartz and Americhron movements or by sharing our story, fuels our mission and brings us closer to a future where FTS products are synonymous with American craftsmanship.

Together, let’s build a legacy of quality, innovation, and resilience.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Warm regards,

The FTS American Manufacturing Team

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