A New Milestone: Our Partnership with The Ridge

We are thrilled to announce a development that has been in the works—FTS is joining forces with e-commerce powerhouse, The Ridge. This strategic partnership marks a new era for both of our companies as The Ridge seeks to bring their production stateside, and FTS broadens its horizons within and beyond the realm of watchmaking.

The Ridge’s reputation for breakthrough designs and unwavering commitment to quality mirrors our own ethos. As their dedicated US assembly and manufacturing partner, we will be operating from our new facility in Mesa, Arizona. Here, we will assemble a diverse range of Ridge products, aiding them in their mission to embrace American manufacturing.

What Does This Mean for FTS?

Rest assured, our commitment to building movements and watches remains unaltered. This collaboration signals an exciting new phase for FTS. With access to increased resources and assets, we can expand our watchmaking prowess while diversifying our domestic production and service capabilities. This partnership with The Ridge will enable us to expedite our plans for domestic component production—a perfect alignment with our core mission of creating American-made products.

At FTS, our vision extends beyond watchmaking. We are driven by a grander objective—growing an American workforce, empowering domestic brands, reshoring manufacturing, and nurturing a neurodiverse workspace. With The Ridge at our side, we are better equipped to fast-track our progress towards these noble goals.

While our roots are firmly planted in watchmaking, the FTS vision knows no industry limits. We invite you to accompany us on this transformative journey as we redefine the manufacturing landscape in the United States. Together, we can forge a future where the USA stands tall as a leader in innovation, quality, and inclusivity in manufacturing.

As always, your support and participation in the FTS community are deeply appreciated.


The FTS American Manufacturing Team

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