Celebrating the American Spirit with Lineage Watch Co.

In the heart of every American watch lies a story of passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to quality and community. This month, we’re thrilled to spotlight the extraordinary tale of Lineage Watch Company.

Born from Passion

Founded by siblings Brianna and Evan Edwards in San Diego, Lineage Watch Co. embodies the essence of America through its commitment to craftsmanship, diversity, family, and social responsibility. From their early days of sharing a profound love for timepieces, to a fateful decision made over drinks in Gaslamp, Brianna and Evan have turned their dream into reality, creating a watch brand that honors the unique beauty of America and its people.

The FTS-Lineage Collaboration

When Brianna and Evan partnered with us at FTS, we were immediately captivated by their vision and determination to re-shore American watchmaking while serving a philanthropic purpose. Together, we’ve brought to life two exceptional collections that showcase the best of American design, craftsmanship, and stotytelling.

The Legacy Collection: A testament to tradition and elegance, the Legacy automatic series features the American built, Americhron 7AC0 automatic movement, housed in a 39mm classically designed case, two-tiered dial, and 38 individually hand-applied markers. Whether in the stainless steel or gold-plated finishes, the Legacy collection offers a sophisticated blend of classical style and modern American ethos.

The Destiny Collection: For those who appreciate the simplicity and practicality of a quartz movement, the Destiny collection presents a modern, minimalist design powered by our high-torque Ameriquartz 7320. The dial boasts 23 hand-applied markers and surprisingly bright lume atop a circular brushed finish. Its slender profile and timeless aesthetic make it a versatile
piece for any occasion.

A Commitment to Community

Beyond creating stunning timepieces, Lineage Watch Co. stands out for its dedication to giving back. A portion of every sale goes towards feeding hungry children across the United States, embodying the true American spirit of generosity.

Discover Lineage

We invite you to explore the remarkable collections of Lineage Watch Co. and join us in celebrating the craftsmanship, diversity, and community spirit that define this exceptional brand. Visit www.lineagewatchco.com to learn more about their journey and their watches.

Warm regards,

The FTS American Manufacturing team 

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