Making Ameriquartz Parts in America

Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to make components for our Ameriquartz movements in the United States?

Today, we invite you to delve into the heart of our operations and discover the journey behind our domestically produced ECBs for quartz movements.

Partnering for Progress

One of the key milestones in our journey was partnering with a California-based company specializing in electronic circuit board production. After months of engineering and prototyping, this collaboration brought us unprogrammed ECBs (Electronic Circuit Boards) that were made in the USA, a huge leap for American made movements. Upon receiving these at our facility in Arizona, we then set out to imbue the circuit boards with life using our WITSCHI Analyzer Q2 programming machines. In fact, it was quite a journey just to be able to purchase and set up these highly specialized machines, but maybe that’s for another newsletter. Once the ECBs are programmed by our technicians, we rivet the negative contacts onto the boards, using a hydraulic press.

Engineering the ECBs required for our Ameriquartz movements was no simple feat. Our quest led us to work closely with experts from various fields to ensure the ECBs met our rigorous expectations. The challenges faced and overcome in this endeavor speak to our dedication to re-shore American watchmaking.

Balancing Act

While making watch components is a feat in itself, the real challenge lies in striking a balance between American input and cost-effectiveness. Our dedication to producing domestically comes with a price, with cost increases exceeding 1000% at times. Despite this, we remain steadfast in our commitment to offering US built Ameriquartz movements at competitive prices, comparable to brands like Ronda and ETA.

The Future of Ameriquartz

Currently, we offer Ameriquartz movements with American-Made ECBs and batteries, and we are constantly developing new components domestically to have American component options in our movements. On top of that, all of our Ameriquartz movements are assembled in-house in Arizona by our talented technicians and watchmakers.

As demand and volume increases, we will be able to justify greater costs and this will allow us to add even more American-made components to our Ameriquartz movements. That’s why we humbly ask you to consider Ameriquartz for your next project. Your support goes much farther than just merely buying an American engine for your timepieces.

As always, thanks for being a part of the FTS community.

Warm regards,

The FTS American Manufacturing Team

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