INTRODUCING: Colorado Watch Company – A Uniquely American Take to Watchmaking

Can an automatic watch be made almost exclusively in America today – and for under $1k? That’s the question for Vortic Watch Company founders R.T. Custer and Tyler Wolfe set out to answer in 2023. Their conclusion was a resounding yes, and the result is a sister watch brand they launched this week called Colorado Watch Company.

Chances are, you’ve probably seen or heard of Vortic Watch Company before. Their unique niche within the watch industry consists of upcycling antique pocket watches into modern-day wrist watches. Custer and Wolfe started their unique watch company because it was the only viable way at the time to produce American-made timepieces. Now, after a decade of blazing a trail, they have found a way to create modern American-made automatic wristwatches.

The vast majority of the watches will be produced in America – the first time for that to be done at-scale since the great American pocket watch companies of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Colorado Watch Company is partnering with suppliers around the United States to produce the watch:

·         The metal components are being made at Vortic headquarters of Fort Collins, Colorado.

·         The movements and overall watch assembly take place at partner Fine Timepiece Solutions, in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

·         The black rubber straps will be made in Minnesota.

·         Finally, the sapphire crystals are coming from New Hampshire.

In case you’re curious, over 85% of all costs associated with producing the watches are going to U.S. companies and suppliers.

The GCT model also has a classic military watch feel to it. But its dial design is very unique – with 4 levels or “stair steps” within it. Taking a page from Vortic’s playbook, the GCT has strong similarities to one of their limited-edition “GCT” military watches. If you love the look of the Vortic “Military-Edition,” but can’t quite afford the price tag, Colorado Watch Company’s GCT will fit much nicer in your budget. Also, if you are not a fan of large watches, but you do like the style of Vortic’s military watches, the Colorado Watch Company models will be right up your alley as they are smaller in diameter.

One final thing about Colorado Watch Company: Vortic and now Colorado Watch Company do more in-house watch manufacturing work than most other places in the US. If you want to see how the companies take solid bars of steel and forge them into watch cases, bezels, crowns, etc. then hop on a plane or drive a car over to Fort Collins for a visit. Custer will give you a tour and show you how they tackle every possible element of their watches in-house. It’s an educational experience that is well worth your time.

Check out the Colorado Watch Company and their Kickstarter campaign here.

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